NEW Art Form 2D Gels

Have you heard about the newest product to join the Gelish Family? ...Gelish one stroke 2D Art Form Gel Paints! Perfect opacity, LED cures to a perfect finish, no wrinkling, no marbling and no messy inhibition layer. 24 Shades, from primary to pastel and neon to glitter, that blend together to create thousands of custom colours. It gives you total artistic control to help create nail art with a new level of ease. Unique tip-free, spill-proof jar is designed with a built-in lip for wiping brushes and design tools!

We spoke to Nail Artist and Nail Harmony UK Cambridgeshire based educator about what she thinks of this new product.

What would you say is good about the new Art Form Gels?

“What is good about Gelish 2D Art Form Gels … simply so much! I was instantly wowed by the consistency; you can guarantee a consistent and fully pigmented design work with every single line or stroke.

The benefit of using the gels for one stroke is time, unlike acrylic paints that can dry too fast, you have unlimited play time until you are satisfied before curing them.

You also can do a couple of petals at a time to cure and then add more layering for a depth of colour, and of course if you are not happy as you create pieces you can wipe off little parts & not the whole nail to start again.

The Gelish 2D Art Form Gels do not have an inhibition layer, therefore you have the option to do designs under Top It Off or on top of finished Gelish / PolyGel or Liquid & Powder Nails.

The gels are also perfect for creating a sugar effect design and the now seasonal 3D cable knit designs.

Also, the smart jar design means you wipe the excess gel right back into the jar - so there is no wastage & they keep nice and clean.”

-What brushes you would use with them?

“I use various brushes for various techniques - I always would recommend having a choice as some work needs more than one brush.

The Roubloff brush from the ATJ Foil Kit is excellent for really delicate designs. I also use the Nail Harmony slanted rhinestone brush for one stroke designs & I use just the Nail Harmony mini gel striper & gel striper for basic demonstrations during training classes.

Other tools that I cannot live without are the Gelish Glass Palette, Marbling Tools & the whole collection of Urban Nails Brushes which have recently become available on the NHUK website.

I am such a sucker for good storage solutions - having my ATJ / Urban nails products in the case makes them easier to find, and of course to showcase to clients & students.”

-Which techniques you like to use with these paints?

“I love ANY type of nail art techniques.

I am a massive fan of Acrylic design & have earned my accolades by creating unique encapsulated & 3D nail extensions, mixed media boxes & fantasy competition work over the years.

My next passion is Gelish Nail Art - as soon as you understand the consistency and capabilities of the product the results are always endless.

I love to share and teach Gelish Design from beginner’s level right up to PhD levels.

I always say I can teach anyone nail art, as you do not need to be a portrait painter to create, you just need to practice techniques and understand your products and tools,

& the best way to do this is to play.”

Want to up your nail art game? Order your Gelish 2D Art Form Gels at... www.nailharmonyuk.com

You can also find information about our design courses here on our dedicated training website... you’re already here so you may as well take a look!