Nail Arist Certificate Holder Elysia Penn

Following the launch of Nail Harmony UK's recent PhD Course offer we caught up with Elysia Penn who has completed all of the PhD Classes and holds her Nail Artist Certificate! This certificate now qualifies her for a 15% discount on her orders as a reward for her dedication to her personal development.

So Elysia, Tell us a little bit about you and your business?

I am 32 and consider myself so lucky to have a fabulous family and a growing business to support us. My daughter is nearly 6 and I really wanted a career that could provide for us, work around my family life and enjoy myself day in and day out. So just after her 2nd birthday I went on my first Nail Harmony course in Gelish getting completely hooked and in just over a week I had my first client.

As I wanted to fit it all around family it’s been a steady progression in building my business. I started offering gelish mobile a couple of times a week in the evenings as at the time I was working in accountancy. I worked my way through the standard trainings to offer a variety of services. Progress was initially slower then I had hoped due to difficult family circumstances. But when my daughter started pre school I decided that was the time for me to take things up a notch, so I created a portfolio of my work and put together a cv and went into as many salons as I could find in search of a table to rent. After my daughter started formal school last year I made the jump into full time nails and I was able to crank up the hours and start making Elysia’s Harmony more profitable.

Why did you chose to complete all available courses to PhD level?

I love learning and so all the different courses where just what I needed in order to build a great foundation for nails. The more I saw of the nail world the more I realised what a massive and diverse industry it is and realised how many other techs were out there. So with passion, a desire to push myself and offer something special I decided to complete the PhDs to help stand out. Plus I was really looking forward to the pretty certificate at the end - it’s the little things.

How important is education to you? & Would you recommend this training to other technicians?

I definitely believe by investing in yourself you are investing in your future and would absolutely recommend people take the PhD courses. There hasn’t been a single course that I’ve been on where I haven’t learnt tips and tricks I can use in all the different styles.

It’s also been invaluable for reminding me of things I may have over looked first time round or forgotten. I have been lucky to learn from a few different Nail Harmony educators who can give alternative ideas and all of them are there to help and support me with any questions. I am great full to them all.

What is next for you and your business?

I think the question should be what isn’t? With so many different ways to go with nails it’s hard to say but I like to dream big so have a few ideas.

As soon as the Polygel and Dip PhDs are released I will definitely be signing up but both for different reasons. Dip is my weaker area so I want to learn a bit more detail and provide a better service to bring up my standard. Polygel however accounts for over 75% of my clients, with this in mind anything I can do to offer them a better service is worthwhile. Plus with this still being a new product to the market the changes and little tricks that will have come up in the past 18 months including the new application will be invaluable.

As I enjoy pushing myself I have been competing in gel polish for the last couple of years. One of my NH educators was kind enough to be my model for the first one and keep me calm. I did come last my first try but that just meant I could learn and improve on what they told me and let’s face it having only been doing nails 18 months it wasn’t unexpected. The second go I improved and another NH tech kindly modelled for me. Then in February I competed for a 3rd time and won.

I am going to enter more categories next year and try my hand at the Nailympics which I want to place in in the next 5 years. But that definitely means a lot more training is needed.

I have a great set up in the salon I work with and love the banter of having some one else there all the time. I hope in the next few years to have my own salon and aim in the next decade or so to have a spa - I like to dream big. I am also going to take on someone else to help me later this year.

Last year I completed the level 3 AET and have been giving seminars and a few classes at a local collage. So would like to offer training to help others and take my level 4 in teaching next year.

I feel whatever I want to achieve next I will due to the great start and continued support I received from Nail Harmony UK. Thank you all.